descriptionDiagnostics and Debug
last changeWed, 4 Jan 2012 22:39:58 +0000
2012-01-04 Felix HuberAdd frontend for conference/toggle functions master
2011-12-22 Felix HuberFix strange indentation mess
2011-07-18 Felix HuberAdd mising comfort function code
2011-07-18 Felix HuberAdd provider selection and more comfort functions
2011-07-18 Felix HuberBugfix for dtmf exit button
2011-02-24 Felix HuberAdd missing code for missed calls phonebook
2011-02-12 Felix HuberAdd missed calls phonebook
2011-01-25 Felix Huberadd page turning for profiles and page wrap
2010-09-27 Martin eina-0 is just eina now
2010-04-09 Michael 'Mickey... remove traces of zhone-fsogsmd, it will never be done
2010-03-27 Neil Jerram"Exit zhone" only exits zhone, doesn't shutdown the...
2010-03-08 Felix HuberMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-08 Felix HuberFixed indent bug in zhone
2010-03-07 Michael 'Mickey... remove attempt to port zhone to fsogsmd; python-efl...
2010-03-07 Felix HuberPrepare fir new HFP phonebook API
2010-03-07 Michael 'Mickey... add zone-fsogsmd; this will be a fork of zhone talking...
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