Framework DBus Interface Specification

The development platform includes a number of low level and high level services which are accessible via the DBus IPC system. This page links to reference works which can be used when programming for devices running the development platform. This reference is primarily intended for software developers. You may want to try out a few DBus Tutorials before diving into these documents.

Table of Contents — FSO Framework Version 2012.06.14.1

0. Introduction

1. Generic API org.freesmartphone

2. Device API org.freesmartphone.Device

Note: This is a lowlevel API. Consider using the high level APIs instead.

3. Telephony API org.freesmartphone.GSM

4. Usage API org.freesmartphone.Usage

5. Audio Manager API org.freesmartphone.Audio.Manager

6. Preferences API org.freesmartphone.Preferences

7. Events API org.freesmartphone.Events

8. GPS API org.freedesktop.Gypsy

9. Time API org.freesmartphone.Time

10. Network API org.freesmartphone.Network

11. PIM API org.freesmartphone.PIM

Field types:







12. Multimedia API

13. Data API org.freesmartphone.Data

14. Notification API org.freesmartphone.Notification

15. Context API org.freesmartphone.Context

Under development / Brainstorming

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