descriptionTiny Python helpers
last changeTue, 10 Nov 2009 16:47:29 +0000
2009-11-10 Ricardo Salvetimdbus: moving c.callMethod out of the while block master
2009-10-13 Michael 'Mickey... mickeyterm: try to fail gracefully when we can't read...
2009-09-19 Michael 'Mickey... mdbus: show actual dbus error message, not just the...
2009-07-08 Jan LuebbeRevert "mdbus: improve object path conversion"
2009-06-27 Michael 'Mickey... mdbus: improve object path conversion
2009-04-18 Michael 'Mickey... mickeyterm: if called without arguments, look for fso...
2009-03-21 Michael 'Mickey... add .gitignore
2009-02-23 Michael 'Mickey... add debug log for mickeyterm
2009-02-23 Jan Luebbepyc: update license
2009-02-23 Jan Luebbepyc: update TODO
2009-02-23 Jan Luebbepyc: support waiting until the child is done
2009-02-23 Jan Luebbepyc: add a unix socket interface
2009-02-20 Jan Luebbepycd: add a python preloaded
2009-02-16 Michael 'Mickey... add Cinterion mc75i commands to command-line-completion...
2009-02-15 Michael 'Mickey... update TODO
2009-02-15 Michael 'Mickey... mickeyterm: add support for fso-abyss. Run the command
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