descriptionMSM Communication
last changeThu, 3 May 2012 16:03:02 +0000
2012-05-03 Simon Buschlibmsmhll: refactor automake logic master
2012-05-03 Simon BuschUpdate scripts for all components
2012-04-23 Simon BuschRename msmcomm-specs to msmcommd-specs
2012-04-23 Simon Buschmsmcommd: make dbus specific paths available as configu...
2012-04-16 Simon BuschUpdate ChangeLog files of all components 0.10 libmsmcomm-0.10.0 libmsmhll-0.10.0 msmcomm-specs-0.10.0 msmcommd-0.10.0
2012-04-16 Simon Buschscripts: add several scripts for release management
2012-04-16 Simon Buschmsmcommd: bump required version of fso-glib to 2012...
2012-04-16 Simon Buschscripts: add gitlog-to-changelog script to easily gener...
2012-03-20 Simon Buschlibmsmcomm: fix reference problems introduced with...
2012-03-15 Simon Buschmsmcommd: add MAINTAINERS file
2012-03-15 Simon Buschlibmsmhci & libmsmrpc: bump required vala version to...
2012-03-15 Simon Buschscripts: add some utilities scripts
2012-03-15 Simon BuschBump version of all components to 0.10.0
2012-03-15 Simon Buschmsmcommd: MAINTAINERS file should be distributed at...
2012-03-15 Simon Buschmsmcomm-specs: refactor makefile (drop support for...
2012-03-15 Simon Buschlibmsmcomm: drop unneeded makefile for vapi directory
2 years ago msmcomm-specs-0.10.0 Release 0.10.0 of msmcomm-specs
2 years ago libmsmcomm-0.10.0 Release 0.10.0 of libmsmcomm
2 years ago libmsmhll-0.10.0 Release 0.10.0 of libmsmhll
2 years ago msmcommd-0.10.0 Release 0.10.0 of msmcommd
2 years ago master
2 years ago 0.10
3 years ago palmpre/sms-support
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3 years ago hpveer-support
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