descriptionFramework Daemon
last changeSun, 6 Jul 2014 11:15:05 +0000
2014-07-06 Ben DeeringSet oevents blink rate for gta04 master
2014-07-04 Ben DeeringCorrect name for vibrator
2014-07-04 Ben DeeringMake blink rate for Oeventsd configurable
2014-05-25 Sebastian KrzyszkowiakFix description in systemd service file
2014-05-25 Sebastian Krzyszkowiakoeventsd: gta04: blink green aux led on missing calls
2014-05-25 Sebastian Krzyszkowiakoeventsd: om-gta04: remove gps-handler rules; it's...
2013-02-10 Paul Fertseroeventsd: default opreferences config should have messa...
2013-02-10 Paul Fertseroeventsd: intepret -loop parameters as booleans
2013-02-10 Paul Fertseroeventsd: use fsogsmd's SMS IncomingTextMessage signal...
2013-02-08 Sebastian Krzyszkowiakoeventsd: fix typo in resulting in...
2013-01-29 Paul Fertserrules.yaml: should set brigtness on transition to idle
2013-01-29 Paul Fertseroeventsd: improve default, gta02, gta04 rules examples
2013-01-29 Paul Fertseroeventsd: fix CallStatus case-insensitive comparison
2012-09-09 Felix Huberodeviced: add newer neo paths gta02-pm-xxx
2012-09-09 Felix Huberti_calypso: add conference to +CSSU
2012-09-04 Felix Huberphone.yaml: enable bt-headset-address for bt auto power up
2 years ago 0.10.1 This is the 0.10.1 release
2 years ago 0.10.0 This is version 0.10.0
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