Project Description Owner Last Change
artwork.git Artwork FSO 3 years ago
aurora.git Mobile Application Suite FSO 22 months ago
compat-wireless-2.6.old.git Compat Wireless FSO 3 years ago
cornucopia.git Framework 2.0 FSO 2 months ago
dbus-hlid.git dbus high level introspection... FSO 3 years ago
framework.git Framework Daemon FSO 14 months ago
fso-abyss.git GSM 07.10 Multiplexer (NG) FSO 4 years ago
fso-api-docs.git API Documentation FSO 3 years ago
fso-gpsd.git gpsd compatibility layer Sascha 4 years ago
fso-monitord.git frameworkd monitoring daemon FSO 4 years ago
gsm0710muxd.git GSM 07.10 Multiplexer FSO 4 years ago
gsmd2.git gsm daemon v2 ixonos 4 years ago
libframeworkd-glib.git FSO DBus Bindings (Handwritten) FSO 11 months ago
libfreesmartphone-glib.git FSO DBus Bindings (Generated C) FSO 2 years ago
libfso-glib.git FSO GLib Bindings (Vala-based C) FSO 20 months ago
libfso-qt.git FSO Qt Bindings FSO 22 months ago
libgisi.git ofono's gisi library (standalone) FSO 23 months ago
libgsm0710.git GSM 07.10 Protocol Engine FSO 23 months ago
libgsm0710mux.git GSM 07.10 Server Engine FSO 4 years ago
libisi.git ISI Communication FSO 3 years ago
libpersistence.git JSON Persistence Library FSO 4 years ago
linux-2.6.git The Linux 2.6 Kernel FSO 19 months ago
msmcomm.git MSM Communication FSO 23 months ago
openembedded.git OpenEmbedded FSO 2 years ago
phonesim.git GSM Modem Simulator FSO 4 years ago
python-helpers.git Tiny Python helpers FSO 4 years ago
qfsodbusxml2cpp.git FSO variant of qdbusxml2cpp FSO 2 years ago
qt-components.git Qt Quick Components FSO 2 years ago
specs.git Dbus API specifications FSO 20 months ago
utilities.git Misc. Utilities FSO 16 months ago
vala-dbus-binding-tool.git Vala DBus binding tool FSO 22 months ago
vala-terminal.git mobile command line terminal FSO 2 years ago
vala.git The Vala Programming Language FSO 2 years ago
zhone.git Diagnostics and Debug FSO 2 years ago