Project Description Owner Last Change
artwork.git Artwork FSO 3 years ago
aurora.git Mobile Application Suite FSO 2 years ago
compat-wireless-2.6.old.git Compat Wireless FSO 4 years ago
cornucopia.git OBSOLETE – MASTER MOVED TO... FSO 6 months ago
dbus-hlid.git dbus high level introspection... FSO 3 years ago
framework.git Framework Daemon FSO 5 months ago
fso-abyss.git GSM 07.10 Multiplexer (NG) FSO 4 years ago
fso-api-docs.git API Documentation FSO 4 years ago
fso-gpsd.git gpsd compatibility layer Sascha 5 years ago
fso-monitord.git frameworkd monitoring daemon FSO 5 years ago
gsm0710muxd.git GSM 07.10 Multiplexer FSO 4 years ago
gsmd2.git gsm daemon v2 ixonos 5 years ago
libframeworkd-glib.git FSO DBus Bindings (Handwritten) FSO 19 months ago
libfreesmartphone-glib.git FSO DBus Bindings (Generated C) FSO 3 years ago
libfso-glib.git OBSOLETE – MASTER MOVED TO... FSO 2 years ago
libfso-qt.git FSO Qt Bindings FSO 2 years ago
libgisi.git ofono's gisi library (standalone) FSO 2 years ago
libgsm0710.git GSM 07.10 Protocol Engine FSO 2 years ago
libgsm0710mux.git GSM 07.10 Server Engine FSO 4 years ago
libisi.git ISI Communication FSO 3 years ago
libpersistence.git JSON Persistence Library FSO 5 years ago
linux-2.6.git The Linux 2.6 Kernel FSO 2 years ago
msmcomm.git MSM Communication FSO 2 years ago
openembedded.git OpenEmbedded FSO 3 years ago
phonesim.git GSM Modem Simulator FSO 4 years ago
python-helpers.git Tiny Python helpers FSO 5 years ago
qfsodbusxml2cpp.git FSO variant of qdbusxml2cpp FSO 3 years ago
qt-components.git Qt Quick Components FSO 3 years ago
specs.git OBSOLETE – MASTER MOVED TO... FSO 2 years ago
utilities.git Misc. Utilities FSO 2 years ago
vala-dbus-binding-tool.git OBSOLETE – MASTER MOVED TO... FSO 2 years ago
vala-terminal.git mobile command line terminal FSO 3 years ago
vala.git The Vala Programming Language FSO 3 years ago
zhone.git Diagnostics and Debug FSO 2 years ago